Furnace and Boiler Replacement Programs

Furnace and Boiler Replacement Programs

Contractor incentive terms and conditions

A. FortisBC Energy Inc. (“FortisBC”) offers a Furnace and Boiler Replacement Program and an Energy Conservation Assistance (“ECAP”) Program (collectively, the "Programs") which provide rebates for qualifying furnace/boiler replacements.
B. FortisBC further offers an incentive to licensed gas contractors who are retained by eligible customers to provide installation and commissioning services (collectively, the “Installation Service”) for qualifying furnace/boiler replacements who accept these terms and conditions. The undersigned licensed gas contractor (the “Contractor”) wishes to receive the contractor incentives for providing Installation Services for eligible customers.

1. Furnace/Boiler Requirements
(a) Existing/Replaced Furnace and Boiler
(i) Existing furnace/boiler must be an operational non-condensing natural gas furnace/boiler that is a minimum of 10 years old;
(ii) Emergency replacements are NOT eligible. It is deemed an emergency replacement if existing furnace/boiler requires over $1,000 in repairs (parts & labour, excl. taxes) or is deemed unsafe.
(b) New/Replacement Furnace and Boiler
(i) furnace/boiler must replace existing furnace/boiler at the premises and be the primary source of heat;
(ii) new furnace/boiler must be listed on fortisbc.com/furnaceandboiler;
(iii) furnace/boiler must be installed with a two-pipe direct vent system, despite manufacturer’s instructions permitting alternatives.

2. Contractor Requirements
(a) Contractor Eligibility. The Contractor must:
(i) have the necessary licences and registrations required by applicable laws to carry on business within FortisBC service territories as a gas contractor and to provide Installation Services;
(ii) be in good standing with Technical Safety BC.
(b) Installation Requirements. The Contractor must:
(i) be retained by an eligible customer to provide Installation Services;
(ii) ensure the existing and replacement furnace/boiler meet the requirements set out in section 1;
(iii) perform Installation Services in accordance with section 3(a).

3. Performance of Installation Services
(a) Standards. The Contractor represents, warrants, covenants and agrees:
(i) to perform Installation Services in a good, workmanlike and safe manner, in compliance with all applicable laws, codes, industry standards, manufacturer’s specifications and FortisBC requirements (including the High-Efficiency Furnace Installation Guide for Existing Houses , by licensed and qualified persons having the necessary experience, skills and expertise, to the satisfaction of the customer and FortisBC;
(ii) to carry on business in a professional and ethical manner and to not misrepresent the Programs, Program details or the Contractor’s relationship with FortisBC;
(iii) to immediately notify FortisBC of any complaint (including customer complaint), investigation, enforcement action, or fine threatened or assessed with respect to Installation Services, and to promptly address such matters to the satisfaction of the customer and FortisBC;
(iv) not to charge more than competitive market rates for Installation Services and/or the furnace/boiler purchase;
(v) to provide a fair and reasonable service contract/warranty program
for the Installation Services and the furnace/boiler for a period of at least one year from installation date or manufacturer's specifications;
(b) Responsibility for Others. The Contractor is solely responsible for persons employed or retained by the Contractor to perform Installation Services.
(c) Site Visits. FortisBC may conduct site visits to evaluate the Installation Services and to confirm compliance with these terms and conditions.

4. Contractor Incentive
(a) Incentive Requirements. For each Installation Service performed, the Contractor must provide a completed FortisBC Furnace or Boiler Commissioning Sheet to the customer.
(b) Amount. Subject to sub-sections (d) and (e), FortisBC will pay the Contractor an incentive of $100 for each Installation Service performed by the Contractor meeting these terms and conditions. The Contractor is responsible for any applicable tax. Only one incentive per dwelling is permitted. The incentive applies to Installation Services performed after FortisBC receives a signed copy of these terms and conditions.
(c) Payment. Incentives will be issued by cheque, on a quarterly basis, (the "Quarterly Incentive") in the name of the Contractor shown below. Incentives cannot be assigned. FortisBC is under no obligation to re-issue a cheque returned as undeliverable or to replace a stale-dated cheque.
(d) Evaluation Condition. The Contractor will not receive the Quarterly Incentive if two or more site visits conducted by FortisBC during that quarter identify non-compliance with these terms and conditions.
(e) Subject to Customer Rebate. The Contractor incentive is subject to customer receiving its rebate under the Programs. No incentive is payable if the customer application is rejected for any reason.

5. Additional Terms and Conditions
(a) Program Changes. FortisBC may modify or terminate these terms and conditions, the Programs and the incentive to the Contractor, at any time for any reason. Dates are subject to change. Availability of rebates and incentives may be limited.
(b) Termination. FortisBC reserves the right, at any time, to terminate the Contractor’s participation, and to refuse future applications for an incentive, if the Contractor fails to comply with these terms and conditions.
(c) No Relationship. Nothing herein shall create a relationship of agency, partnership, joint venture or employment between FortisBC and the Contractor. The Contractor is not authorized to act for, represent or bind FortisBC in any way or make or purport to give or make any warranty or representation on behalf of FortisBC.
(d) Indemnity. The Contractor hereby releases, indemnifies and saves harmless FortisBC and its directors, officers, agents and employees from any liability whatsoever arising from or occurring by reason of the Programs or performance of the Installation Services except to the extent caused by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of FortisBC, its officers, employees or agents. This indemnity shall survive termination of the Programs and these terms and conditions.
(e) Use of Information. FortisBC collects, uses and discloses information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and its Privacy Policy. For more information on FortisBC’s Privacy Policy, visit fortisbc.com/privacy.